The Or Game

We're not nosy. We're just bored.

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The Or Game. Staple activity of early-teen sleepovers. Don't pretend you've never played it. Eating junk-food and watching crappy old films and giggling with your friends, "Kevin Costner or Christian Slater?" or, "Danny or Kenickie?" or whatever.

So, basically, um... this is the LiveJournal version. :D


1. All posts must be on-topic. That is, all posts must contain an 'or' poll. Absolutely anything you like. Be silly, or get opinions on an argument, or just because you're curious. Cats or dogs. Red or white wine. Ralph or Scott. Anything, but there's got to be a poll.

2. Free users? No problem. :D Post a comment here with the following information, and the mod will post the poll for you.

Poll name.
Possible answers.

3. Note the single 'or' in 'The Or Game'. Two choices only, please. Not 'Viggo OR Elijah OR Dom OR Sir Ian', please.

ETA, before this thing gets out of control: 4. RP character journals are welcome to join up and post polls, too. Just because. [/silly]

WOO. Embrace the pointless waste of time! You know you love it.